Record/Share Catches

People don't believe your fish stories? With GoFree Hooked, you can record your catches by saving fish photos, catch locations, fish details, and notes about each catch, and then share that information with family and friends via text, email or social media.

Track Fishing Success

Review fishing trips, catch locations, fish details and fishing notes to see if you are a better angler now than you were when you started using the app. Revisit the best fishing spots to repeat fishing success, again and again.


Challenge Your Friends

Add a whole new dynamic to your fishing trip by challenging friends, family or anglers from the worldwide GoFree Hooked user community to a tournament competition, and then follow the action via a live leaderboard.

Challenge the Water

Are you better on the shore, at a small pond, or do you excel on the open seas? Do you know whether you are better in the morning or evening? When you log your catches on GoFree Hooked, you’ll know because we save the date, time and location of all your catches.

Challenge Yourself

Can you do better each time that you head out to fish your favorite fishing spot? Whether you are fishing the bank at a local farm pond or fishing the open sea from a 36-foot Yellowfin, you can continue to challenge your performance each time, as each trip is logged in the app.

Got Questions?

We thought so. Visit our FAQ section to find out answers to the most common issues identified by the community of anglers using our app.

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